PUBG: New State Teases Rimac Nevera Hypercar as Upcoming In-Game Vehicle

PUBG: New State did not announce when the new car will be rolling into the game

photo credit- youtube/PUBG: New State
PUBG: New State has prodded an organization with Rimac, the electric hypercar and parts producer. The fight royale game from Krafton will before long be getting an electric hypercar from Rimac. According to the secret common by Krafton, the impending EV hypercar coming to the PUBG: New State is probably going to be the Rimac Nevera. Recently, Krafton likewise prodded another guide for PUBG: New State and a few significant updates for 2022, alongside certain gifts to praise the new year.

Through a secret video shared on YouTube, Krafton showed that PUBG: New State will before long be getting another vehicle. Rimac Nevera will open up to players in the Troi map however didn't make reference to when players will actually want to drive the vehicle in the game. At this point, the particulars of the hypercar in the game are obscure.

Rimac Nevera is the second vehicle from the Croatian hypercar and parts producer. Out in reality, the two-seater electric hypercar is fueled by a 120kWhr battery that produces 1,914hp with 13,430Nm of wheel force and is equipped for maximizing at 412kmph. Fueled by four free electric engines – one on each wheel – it can hit 0-100kmph in a guaranteed 1.93 seconds. It additionally has an asserted scope of 550 kilometers.

Recently, Krafton prodded another guide by sharing three pictures that provided us with a brief look at what's to come. The guide seems to have a blend of fields and slopes just as current structures and a focal city tower. The delivery date of the guide has not yet been affirmed.

Moreover, PUBG: New State is likewise set to get its first clump of significant updates in the initial two months of 2022. Krafton referenced its greatest needs in 2022 will be "to keep making updates and enhancements" to live up to assumptions

As a part of its New Year celebrations, Krafton will be gifting players six chicken medals and three royale chest crate tickets. Gamers have been given "HAPPYNEWSTATE" coupon code that can redeemed to get virtual freebies in the game. The new year celebrations are valid till January 10 at 11:59pm IST.

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