Battlegrounds Mobile India Bans Over 336,000 Accounts for Cheating, Crosses 48 Million Downloads

 Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch device ban program.Bans Over 336,000 Accounts for Cheating, Crosses 48 Million Downloads

 Battlegrounds Mobile India Bans Over 336,000 devices and Accounts for Cheating, Crosses 48 Million Downloads

Battlegrounds Mobile India has banned more than 336,000 players for using illegal projects to gain advantage in some structure. Krafton shared the improvement on the game's true site and said that it has researched cases between July 30 and August 5. Also, the game has crossed 48 million downloads, which is the Ist phase of its 50M Downloads Rewards Event. The designer has likewise prodded an iOS dispatch by and by, however no date has been shared. Milestones Mobile that supplanted PUBG Mobile India was authoritatively delivered on July 2. Its client base has been developing fundamentally since. 

Krafton shared on the authority site that 336,736 records in Battlegrounds Mobile India have been banned for using illegal projects. These records have been forever banned and can not get back in-game get-togethers brief phase. The designer said the group had researched these cases through its security framework and local area checking between July 30 and August 5 and discovered them to utilize illicit projects to gain advantage in the game. 

Combating in-game hackers, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) parent Krafton announced that it will ban devices used by players to cheat in the popular battle royale game.

The device ban is applicable starting  December 24. “To provide fair gameplay and eliminate the use of illegal programs, we would like to announce an additional punishment for cheaters. Up until now sanctions were given only to the accounts, but now the mobile devices will be banned as well, making fair gameplay far more effective,” the company wrote in a post.

Previously, the game developers banned any accounts found to be hacking in-game features but these players could easily create another account and hack into the game.

"Battlegrounds MOBILE INDIA will endeavor to execute solid assents with a definitive objective of killing the utilization of illicit projects to give you a lovely gaming climate," the site states. 

On August 5, the engineer reported a 50M Downloads Rewards Event in the expectation of arriving at 50 million downloads. At that point, Battlegrounds Mobile India was at 46 million downloads and has now crossed the 48 million-mark, which was stage one of the 50M Downloads Rewards Event. Players have been compensated with three Supply Coupon Crate Scrap in-game and they should see it in their occasions segment. 

The game was authoritatively delivered on July 2, and, in multi week, it crossed 34 million downloads. Protected to say soon it arrives at the 50 million achievement. 

In the course of the last end of the week, Krafton again prodded the iOS dispatch for Battlegrounds Mobile India in any case, as last time, didn't share a delivery date. It has been known for a long while that the game will be delivered on iOS yet the designer has just begun dropping mysteries as of late, which implies it very well may be not far off.

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