BGMI Release today

 Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) officially releases on Google Play store: How to download

Krafton, South Korean video game developer, officially launched the Indian mobile battleground only for Android users, so iOS users have to wait a little. Players can download the official version of the Google Play Store and the PubG mobile fans who have entered the initial access version you will need to update their application to play the game.

Located in the virtual world, the Indian mobile Battlegrounds is a new Battle Royale game where several players employ strategies to fight and become the last man standing on the battlefield. The Indian mobile Battlegrounds went directly to pre-registration on Google Play on May 18, 2021 and has secured 40 million pre-registration today.

The initial access for the game began on June 17 and saw extraordinary support from the community with 20 million players who tried the game and provided valuable feedback.

Sharing his views on the official launch of the Indian mobile Battlegrounds, Ch Kim, CEO of Krafton, said, "We in Krafyon were happy to introduce the Indian battlefield field for our fans in India today. Designed exclusively for our Indian fans and gamers, Indian mobile Battlegrounds Providing a superlative play experience. This is just the beginning of a series of new content, collaboration, and echports tournaments that you will live, and we will try to ensure that our fans and communities in India can fully enjoy the battle experience. "

It's not all, because more players join the launch event in the game, fans will be rewarded with free permanent purple clothes and various attractive prizes such as clothing, squeezers, etc.

On a special milestone reaching 1m, 5m and 10 m exclusive gift downloads have been sent to the player event center including Constable sets, including everyone who downloaded the game. The main events for the launch week include lifelong friends, trips and above and various exchanges, where some achievements provide different gifts with gifts.

Steps to Download Indian Mobile Battlegrounds

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

2. Type 'Indian mobile battlegrounds' in the search bar from the Play Store.

3. Tap the 'Install' button.

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