Battlegrounds Mobile India Receives Patch to Fix Issues Such as Shutting Down, Loading Screen Problems

 Battlegrounds Mobile India Receives Patch to Fix Issues Such as Shutting Down, Loading Screen Problems

Battleground Mobile India — the neighborhood symbol of PUBG Mobile — got a customer fix on Saturday to fix a portion of the known issues. The update fixes a bug that was causing the fight royale game to be stuck at the stacking screen when the player is wearing Unicorn-set outfits. There is likewise a fix for the issue that was closing down Battlegrounds Mobile India on certain gadgets. Engineer Krafton has delivered the fix only days after it revealed the issues on the web. A portion of the realized issues are yet to be fixed, however. 

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Krafton gave discharge notes to the customer fix through the Battlegrounds Mobile India site. According to the notes, the update fixes the issue that was keeping the game stuck at the stacking screen when wearing Unicorn-set outfits. It was first announced last week. 

The most recent customer fix likewise resolves the issue that was closing down the game while getting to the Season (C1S1) menu on certain gadgets. There is additionally a fix for the issue that was making players not have chance when riding a cart vehicle in the Mission Ignition mode. Further, the fix fixes the issue that was lessening the sound coming from the Tesla vehicle of different players

battlegrounds Mobile India has gotten the fix through a worker side update. This implies that you don't have to download another adaptation from the Google Play store. In any case, the fix will be applied once you restart the game. 

Albeit the most recent fix tends to various known issues, there are still some that are yet to be fixed. For example, Krafton has referenced on its site that clients are as yet not ready to guarantee in-game cash UC at times and get a blunder saying, "UC not being asserted irregularly after buy." It seems when the influenced clients attempt to buy the UC from the game. 

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A few clients are additionally not ready to guarantee awards from the Daily Special Bundle. Additionally, now and again, the game moves to an off-base page when a client gets to Supply Medal guaranteed from Advanced Supplies Crate.

Krafton has encouraged this load of clients to connect with the designer group by going through Settings > Basic > Customer Service from the game. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India appeared recently as the Indian rendition of PUBG Mobile and accepted its first substance update last week. That update brought highlights including Mission Ignition mode and admittance to Tesla Gigafactory. Nonetheless, it likewise presented the issues that the organization is fixing through its patches. 

Point out that Krafton has itself asserted that Battlegrounds Mobile India got the characteristic of more than 34 million parts in the main seven day stretch of its dispatch. This proposes that the issues may have a huge effect and accordingly requires quick fixes.

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