PUBG vs FAU G vs Free Fire

 PUBG vs FAU G vs Free Fire Which Is better?


PUBG- pubg mobile is a battle royale game, where total of 100 players land on a island and fight for chicken dinner 

FAUG- Fau G is multiplayer action game dependent on this present reality situations looked by Indian warriors on the war zone. FAU-G is probably going to follow a episode or level-based succession. As found in the game's trailer, the ist level is required to occur in the Galwan Valley.

FREE FIRE- In free fire there is a total of 50 players in an island and they play classic or ranked and fight for booyah

freefire vs pubg vs faug


PUBG- It was made and developed by pubg corporations , A subsidiary of bluehole company

FAUG- it was made and developed by benguluru headquaters nCore games

FREE FIRE- it was made and developed  by garena in singapore.


PUBG- It has a wide assortment of game modes separated from the normal fight royale mode. In addition, its engineers as often as possible acquaint new game modes with keep the game new for players. With the new 1.2 updates, they have added the Runic Power mode. There have likewise been gossipy tidbits with respect to an Among Us-themed PUBG Mobile mode.

  • 1.Classic (Battle Royale)
  • 2.Arcade: Quick Match, Sniper Training, War.
  • 3.EvoGround: Payload 2.0.
  • 4.Arena: Gun Game, Arena Training, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Assault.

  • FAU G- then again, won't include a fight royale mode upon its delivery. While the mode will supposedly be added with resulting refreshes. Upon its delivery, the game will just have a solitary player and an agreeable multiplayer mode
  • 1.Tales From The Galwan Valley
  • 2.Team Deathmatch'
  • 3.'Free For All'

  • Free Fire has an improved surface detail like an arcade. It has low authenticity, which causes the game to show up silly. In any case, this title likewise has many shading plans and lively differences that pulls in players.
  • classic
  • ranked 
  • Fatal Blade.
  • Team Deathmatch.
  • Kill Secured.
  • Bomb Squad.
  • Gun King.
  • Bomb Squad 2.0.
  • Rampage 2.0.
  • Grim Reaper 

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