Details About FAU G

 FAUG 1.0.0 Becomes Top Free Game on Google Play Store. Here Are Some Details About FAU G


FAU-G has Become the top free game on Google Play in India, designed By nCore Games has declared on Twitter. The game was released on Republic Day, January 26, after numerous postponements. The Game developers say that it arrived at 5,000,000 downloads inside 24 hours of its released.

 FAU-G is based on the exploits of Indian soldiers who were stationed in Galwan Valley.. It just offers a solitary player crusade for the present however the engineers have said that there will be two extra modes coming later on. 

nCore Games took to Twitter to share that FAU-G has gotten the top free game on Google Play, which is the solitary stage it delivered on. The post likewise says that the game had 5,000,000 downloads inside 24 hours. FAU-G delivered on January 26 after different postponements and had got more than 4,000,000 pre-enrollments on the Google Play store in front of its launch

Image Credits- The Indian Express

How FAU G is Different from pubg

FAU-G the Made in India Game is fit to be dispatched. As PUBG actually look for the approaches to rebound to the India eco-framework, FAUG is good to go to be dispatched with enrollments previously began for the new contestant. 

The current connection of the Google Play is just for Pre-Registration. When you register, Google Play will tell the client when the game is free. While everybody is contrasting FAU-G with PUBG Mobile India, the two games will be totally different from each other. 

5 Things which fans ought to recall on how FAU-G will be not the same as PUBG ? 

1) FAU-G is an activity game, PUBG Battle Royale : FAU-G isn't a fight royal game. Its an activity game while PUBG Mobile India will be a fight royal game much the same as its worldwide form. Despite the fact that organization, on different events, has said that FAU-G isn't a contender to PUBG Mobile. 

2) Will the principal Episode be founded on Galwan Valley: Though the advertiser organization has not made anything official, it is being guessed that the main scene of FAU-G will be founded on the Galwan Valley scene. This implies, in contrast to PUBG Mobile, this one will be founded on genuine episodes. The organization recently uncovered a brief look at the principal scene which demonstrated the Indian armed force at the Galwan Valley line. No subtleties have been uncovered about the weapons to be utilized in the game.

How To Download The Game

Step 1: Open Google Play Store. 

Step 2: Search for FAU-G. 

Step 3: In the list items click on FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards. 

Step 4: FAU-G's Google Play Store page will open. Find and Click on the Install button.

Here is download link

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